Monday, 20 June 2011

A more-fun A1

Compact, convenient and comprehensively tuned, that's the A1 ABT in its new and most sporty form, with an latest engine that produces 154kW.

This makes the ABT A1 a genuine sports car, as tuning house founder Hans-Jurgen Abt stresses: "Even the series standard version of the car is a lot of fun in particular on winding roads – and it is precisely for this reason that we have focused on providing extra power.

"The performance improvement increases the car's agility and fits its driving characteristics perfectly."

Abt, who is the general manager of the world's largest tuner of vehicles from the Volkswagen Group, knows what makes a sporty car: "It doesn't just need to have good throttle response, but the handling has to be right too.

"You should always look forward to your next trip with the A1," Abt says.

The ABT A1 is not just a "cornering beast", but is also at home on long motorway journeys.

With a top speed of nearly 240km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100km/h of 6.6-seconds, the compact sports car is quick enough for every situation.

Its internal "premium values" already make it a suitable travel vehicle, but now it also has real ABT power.

The design for the ABT A1 is intended to be bold and fresh, says Abt, adding that he recommends the new ABT DR 18-inch alloy or the Z Titan wheel, which is available in 17 or 18 inch, for this car. Both are of course also available in combination with fitting sports tyres.

The ABT Double-pipe sports rear muffler rounds everything off visually and acoustically, while the ABT Springs also help to exploit the potential of the powerful A1.